Keys & Lockboxes

We have several options when it comes to Keys and Lockboxes. Please see the information below to help you decide what your best options are.

Supra eKey

Get the Supra eKey on your phone!

This service is available on most Apple iPhone’s and Android’s.

Monthly cost: $14.85

Activation for new Supra subscribers: $50.00

Activation for upgrading members: no charge

Adapter cost: $58.90 plus tax


SentriCard $7.00 + tax
SentriCard Reader $21.99 + tax
Card Activation (billed annually):
January $32.53
February $21.70
March $140.87
April $130.00
May $119.17
June $108.34
July $97.51
August $86.68
September $75.85
October $65.02
November $54.19
December $43.36


  • Supra iBox lockbox: $125.00 for REALTOR® members; $145.00 for non-members
  • SentriLock lockbox: $99.00

Key & Lockbox Forms

Lockbox Lease Form Lockbox Lease Form
Lockbox Purchase Form Lockbox Purchase Form
Lockbox Return Form Lockbox Return Form
Program/Deprogram Lockbox Form Program/Deprogram Lockbox Form
Supra Reciprocal Access Request Form Supra Reciprocal Access Request Form
Credit Card Authorization Form Credit Card Authorization Form
Supra iBox Lockbox User Guide Supra iBox Lockbox User Guide
SupraWEB Guide SupraWEB Guide
SupraWEB Mobile Guide SupraWEB Mobile Guide
SentriLock Reciprocal Access Request Form SentriLock Reciprocal Access Request Form


Selling Classifieds

Seller Seller Contact Item(s) Asking Price Date posted
Kenneth Snyker 760-419-0722 Supra iBox BT LE Lockbox $75.00 9/14/2017
Skip Newton 951-265-6452 Supra iBox BT LE Lockbox $50.00 9/14/2017
Anna Dalbey 509-449-6881 2 SentriLock Lockboxes $50.00/each or make offer 3/27/2017
Hazel Rucker 951-306-2892 1 SentiLock Lockbox w/ Card Reader $70.00 7/12/2017
Sharon McCullough 951-765-0044 1 Supra iBox BT LE Lockbox $100.00 8/25/2016
Kenton Adams 951-402-5455 Supra iBox BT Lockbox $90.00 5/26/2016
Mike Whitlock 619-301-5520 1 Supra iBox Lockbox (non-BT) $50.00 07/29/2015
Rollie D. Roth 951-288-1124 25 Combo Lockboxes $8.00 – 18.00/ea 12/23/2014
Last Updated: 12/13/2017

***Membership Application DOES NOT include Supra Key Lease. This is a separate pro-rated charge. Check or Credit Card accepted, NO CASH***

(Membership Fees are payable by Cash, Credit Card, or Check made to SRCAR)


  • Your Keypad is separate and must be paid separately by Credit Card or Check only made out to SUPRA.
  • Please Note if you still have your Supra Key and you are within the SoCal MLS or the CRMLS your key is transferable. Also, you must notify your prior Association in writing that you are transferring. The key must be present at the time of transfer.
  • Supra Keys issued by SRCAR will work within the CA-RETS region.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you place/remove the lockbox on the house?

Press the button to turn the key on. Scroll down one to “release shackle” press . It will ask for the shackle code, then press again. It will say “Communicating,” the the top will release if everything went right.

Where is the battery located?

The battery is not replaceable. If it doesn’t turn on or work properly call Supra (877) 699-6787. If they can’t fix it they will give you a reference number for a new key that you will be able to pick up at SRCAR.

How do you Manual eSync the key?

Press <Enter> to turn on the key, scroll down to <Manual esync> press the enter button again. It will tell you to place the key on the cradle. The key will dial out and update.

Why can’t my pin code open the shackle?

When you lease the lockbox we give you the code. If you purchase the lockbox you chose the code you would like to use.

How do I check who’s been in my lockboxes?

You can register your box with Kim at You can also use the ‘read keybox” function on your display key.

What areas can I access with my Supra Key?

A Supra Key issues to you by SRCAR can open any Supra Lockbox within the MLS Area Map.

Why does my key say “Not Authorized?”

If you are added new to an association or get a new key you must ESync your key on the cradle before the key will work.

How do I access those regions that I don’t already have access to?

First you have to make sure that your Supra Key has the system code required by the region you are trying to access. To do this you call either Supra (877) 699-6787 and ask them to verify it or you can bring you key into SRCAR. Next you must complete an application and pay a fee to the reciprocal association. Some may require a letter of good standing.

What areas will my Lockbox work in?

The Supra Lockbox issues by SRCAR will work anywhere within the MLS Area Map.

Will my lockbox hold more then one system code?

No, you will have to have the lockbox de programmed at your association so it can be reprogrammed with the new associations system code.

What form of payment can I use to pay for my Supra key?

You may use a check or any major credit card.

Do I have to put my Supra Key on the cradle every night?

Yes, not only does the Supra Key update every night so you have access the next day, it also charges the battery in the key.

How do I clear my Supra Key and start over?

You have to hold the <Enter> button down and press the number one <1> at the same time. This will cause the Supra Key to restart.

If I lose or damage my Supra key what do I need to do?

You would have to call Supra at (877) 699-6787 to verify if you have insurance, if you do they will give you a reference number so SRCAR can issue a new key. If you don’t have insurance it will cost $250.00 to replace the key.

What Smart Phone/PDA’s are compatible with Supra eKey service?

This service is available on the Apple iPhone, Android Phones 2.1 or above, Blackberry, Windows Phones with OS below 7, and most Palm.


Training Videos

Supra eKey (Android & iOS)