Committees & Task Forces

Affiliate Committee

Chair: Nikki Arango | (951)966-8883

Provides support for various Association activities, including speakers at orientation. Coordinates all aspects of the annual Holiday Food Drive with the local schools, as well, as all benefiting community groups. Must be an Affiliate in good standing to participate.

Education Committee

Chair: Barbara Horan | (951)837-7411

Work with Association staff to establish a calendar of education and training seminars and courses benefiting the needs and wants of the membership including a possible “rookie” program.

Events Committee

Chair: Gus Cardenas | (909)855-8108

Provides support for various association activities that raises funds for several causes that SRCAR® supports, such as Scholarship Fund and the Housing Affordability Fund. Participants must be a member of SRCAR® in good standing.

Hemet Governing Committee

Chair: George Williams | (951)692-1307

Provides localized management for the Hemet and San Jacinto area. Reports to the Board of Directors.

Finance Committee

Chair: Denyse Wilson | (909)224-3984

Standing committee of the Association; members must be a REALTOR® and in good standing with SRCAR. The function of this committee is to review finances of all corporations of the organization, including annual budgets and investments and make recommendations to the appropriate Board of Directors for action.

Housing Diversity Committee

Chair: Janice Lovendahl | (951)541-1503

Mission: To foster unity, equity, diversity and inclusion in the real estate industry.

Find out more by visiting the Housing Diversity Committee Newletter.

Legislative Committee

Chair: Norman Kyriss | (951)202-9754

The Primary mission of the Legislative Committee is to increase awareness of and participate in the REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF). The secondary mission of the Legislative Committee is to support our Government Affairs Directors’ Gene Wunderlich, Walter Wilson and Adam Ruiz

MLS Task Force

Chair: Debbie Kosum | (951)816-0747

The function of this Task Force is to work with Association staff and leaders to improve the entire MLS system structure as well as education.

Networking & Property Preview

Chair: Pauline Woelky | (951)536-5550

The function of this task force is to provide support at the Marketing Meetings as well as promote this event to the membership. Meets as needed.

Professional Standards Committee

Chair: Michael Perciful | (951)294-8908

Standing committee of the Association; members must be a SRCAR REALTOR® in good standing; members must have at least two years minimum of service on the Grievance Committee with either a Broker or Salesperson license; Function of the committee is to conduct disciplinary and arbitration hearings.(* in order to be considered for an appointment to the Professional Standards Committee, REALTORS® must attend a special all-day training course to be offered in February in Murrieta.)

Property Management Task Force

Chair: Debbie Thomas | (909)224-0222

The function of this task force is to discuss property issues, analyzing market conditions, rent control issues, local housing issues, property owners, government affairs issues, education that affect the Hemet/San Jacinto Valley and surrounding areas.

REALTOR® Orientation Task Force

Chair: Curtis Doss | (951)377-6373

The function of this Task Force is to coordinate and host quarterly orientation programs for new SRCAR REALTOR® members. Task force meets quarterly and/or as needed.

SRCYPN: Young Professional Network Committee

Chair: Jenna Garza | (909)553-7972

Standing committee of the Association; members must be an SRCAR REALTOR® and/or Affiliates, in good standing. This committee meets once a month and/or as needed. YPN is a network of like-minded young professionals dedicated to the progression and enrichment of the real estate industry.

Scholarship Foundation

Chair: Terry Ryan | (951)551-4714

The function of this committee is to coordinate and host annual fundraisers to benefit the SRCAR Scholarships.

Scholarship Fundraiser

Chair: Molly LeVine | (858)349-1516

The function of this task force is to coordinate and host the annual fundraisers that benefit the SRCAR Scholarship Foundation.

To sign up for a Committe) or Task Force, please visit the Committee & Task Force sign-up form

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