Connie Lynch, Chief Executive Officer

Connie Lynch
Chief Executive Officer

Sylvia Lemus, Executive Vice President

Sylvia Lemus
Executive Vice President

Daniel Brincat, Assistant Execitive Vice President

Daniel Brincat
Assistant Execitive Vice President

Joseph Chitay, Sr. Accounting Manager

Joseph Chitay
Sr. Accounting Manager

Amanda Gutierrez, Key/Lockbox Administrator

Amanda Gutierrez
Key/Lockbox Administrator

Wendy Gutierrez, Marketing Administrator

Wendy Gutierrez
Marketing Administrator

Denise Hinton, Accounting

Denise Hinton

Rebekah Kuster, Member Services

Rebekah Kuster
Member Services

Heidi McNaughten, Member Services

Heidi McNaughten
Member Services

Michelle Medley, Broker Compliance Admin

Michelle Medley
Broker Compliance Admin

Elizabeth Montes, Member Services

Elizabeth Montes
Member Services

Stephanie Reid, MLS Administrator

Stephanie Reid
MLS Administrator

Vanessa Reyes, Outreach Specialist

Vanessa Reyes
Outreach Specialist

Gilbert Rodriguez, Member Services

Gilbert Rodriguez
Member Services

Diane Stumpp, Director of Marketing

Diane Stumpp
Director of Marketing

Maggie Underwood, Director of Human Resources

Maggie Underwood
Director of Human Resources

Walter Wilson, Government Affairs Director

Walter Wilson
Government Affairs Director

Gene Wunderlich, Vice President of Government Affairs

Gene Wunderlich
Vice President of Government Affairs

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