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Supra eKey

Get the Supra eKey on your phone!

This service is available on most Apple iPhone’s and Android’s.

Monthly cost: $16.18

Activation for new Supra subscribers: $50.00 plus tax.

Need additional support?

Please visit the Supra Support page.

Supra Training Videos:

SentriLock Key Access for the San Diego area

Reciprocal Processing Fee: $50.00
Key Activation (billed annually):
January: $40.00
February: $30.00
March: $10.00 (End of 2023 annual billing cycle)
April: $166.00 (2024 New annual billing cycle)
May: $152.17
June: $138.33
July: $124.50
August: $110.67
September: $96.83
October: $83.00
November: $69.17
December: $55.33
January: $41.50
February: $27.67
March: $13.83

SentriLock Reciprocal Key

SentriLock Reciprocal Request Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

SentriLock Auto-Pay Authorization Form

Please note: all requests will be processed within 2 business days. Submit your completed forms to [email protected].

Need additional support?

Please visit the SentriLock Support page.


  • Supra iBox BT LE lockbox Purchase: $155.00 for SRCAR REALTOR® members; $180.00 for non-members
  • Refurbished Supra iBox BT LE lockbox Purchase: $140.00 for SRCAR REALTOR® members; $160.00 for non-members
  • Supra iBox BT LE lockbox Lease: $12.00 per box monthly fee
    Effective January 1, 2024, members may lease Supra iBox for $12.00 per box monthly fee. Automatic charges will be processed on the 5th of each month. If the processing date falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be applied on the following business day. Declined credit/debit card payments will incur a $3.00 late fee per lockbox.
    Please note: If you are already set up for quarterly autopay, your account will be converted to monthly autopay for leased lockboxes and remain on quarterly autopay for MLS dues. If you do not wish to be charged automatically for your leased Supra lockbox, please return or purchase it before December 28, 2023, to avoid charges to your card on file.
  • New SentriLock Bluetooth lockbox: $155.00 for SRCAR REALTOR® members, $180.00 for non-members:
    Sentri Lockboxes are no longer available for lease; you must return or purchase all Sentri Lockboxes by December 28, 2023.


SellerSeller ContactItem(s)Asking PriceDate posted
Cathy Bates951-719-025511 Supra iBox BT LE$75.00/each05/20/2024
Nat Genis909-376-0879100 Supra iBox BT LE$100.00/each08/24/2023
Elizabeth Juarez714-461-82001 Supra iBox BT LE$100.00/each12/12/2023
Mary Martin760-412-71801 Supra iBox BT LE Lockbox
3 SentiLock Lockboxes
$120 for all 3
Raymond Solly760-525-38752 Supra BT LE Lockboxes
5 Sentri Lockboxes
Mike Richardson951-401-84951 Supra BT LE Lockbox$100.00 + Shipping01/11/2022
Last Updated: 03/18/2024

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