Supra eKEY apps: Updated versions available

Published: May 8, 2019

Dear Customer,
Supra is pleased to release updated versions of the Supra® eKEY® app for Android™ and Apple®. These are now available in the Apple app store and the Google Play™ store.

The following enhancements have been made to the app:

  • Improved stability when authorizing the eKEY app
  • Improvements in the Bluetooth® connection between Samsung J series phones and keyboxes
  • The listing ID is updated for a keybox even when the keybox is not in the eKEY app inventory
  • Showing notifications now display long addresses correctly
  • The listing status change date displays the same on both Apple and Android devices
  • The showing notification list indicates if a listing is on the Hotsheet
  • When a keybox is read, the list of openings will now display in current time zone rather than GMT
  • Improvements to error messaging
  • Showing notifications are delivered to active agents only

If your agents have any questions, please direct them to call our support line at 1-877-699-6787 or email us at [email protected].



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