Eviction Moratorium Update June 2021

Published: June 30, 2021

Federal Eviction Moratorium – The CDC extended the Federal eviction moratorium until July 31.  Last night, the US Supreme Court said the CDC lacked authority to implement a blanket nationwide moratorium.  The Court declined to lift the ban in place; however, the ruling ensures the moratorium will expire at the end of July.  NAR is pleased with the ruling and calls this a massive victory for property rights owners.

California Eviction Moratorium – AB832 was introduced Friday, voted on Monday, and signed into law Monday night.  Who says the government can’t work fast when they want to!?!  AB832 extends the rent and eviction moratorium through September 30, 2021.  The bill also provides up to 100% rental assistance for landlords and tenants.  This is an increase from the previously approved 80% assistance for landlords.  Landlords who have already been approved for the 80% assistance do not need to reapply for the additional 20%.  The rent assistance is for eligible tenants and covers rental arrears for rent owed going back to April 1, 2020.  Currently, Federal funds are provided to assist only tenants who earn up to 80% of area median income.

A more detailed Legal Q&A as well as a Legal Quick Guide can be found on CAR’s website by visiting https://www.car.org/aboutus/mediacenter/news/ab832.  Please note that this link requires a C.A.R. login.

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