Published: August 9, 2022

  • $2.2 Million grant funding available to nonprofit organizations that provide services to Temecula residents. ($1.1 Million for FY22-23 and $1.1 Million for FY23-24.)
  • Nonprofit organizations can apply for a grant up to $50,000 (each year).
  • Fund services or programs that serve Temecula residents. Nonprofits can be located outside Temecula, but the services they provide with this grant must specifically serve Temecula residents.
  • Applicants must be an exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • Intended to serve Temecula families, youth, special needs, seniors, veterans, as well as the arts community, social services or any groups of Temecula residents that experience a narrowing of opportunities in proportion to their total population. Examples of past funding program have assisted Temecula’s children in foster care attending TVUSD, educational activities for youth, military families, veterans, cancer patients, senior citizens, hospice care, and more.
  • This grant covers services provided March 20, 2020 – June 30, 2024 not otherwise paid for by other grant funding.
  • Grant funds are not for capital projects, such as building improvements, or for scholarships, salaries or debts. Grants are to be used to pay for expenses associated with charitable goods and services that specifically benefit Temecula residents.
  • Grants do not require a match.
  • The grant application was made available on July 1, 2022. The deadline to submit is Monday, September 12, 2022. Awards will be decided/announced at a City Council Meeting in November 2022.
  • All information including the application is online at TEMECULACA.GOV/GRANTS
  • Applications may cover projects moving forward; however, grants are available to cover expenses incurred from March 20, 2020 to June 30, 2024.

The City of Temecula is honored to present these grants at a time when inflation is at record highs and resident needs may be critical.


  • Population: 109,925
  • Median Age: 36.1 years old
  • Household Income: $143,718 – Up 8.3% from 2021
  • Number of Jobs: 55,400 Up 0.5% from 2021
  • Temecula Unemployment (June 2022): 3.1%
    • This is lower than 4% State/County & 3.6% National

Number of Permits Issued City comparison:

Issuance is higher than pre-pandemic

Total Building Permits
2019: 3121 issued.
2020: 3,486 issued.
2021: 4,652 issued.
First Quarter 2022: 1,257
First Half 2022: 2,659

New Residential Units
2019: 63
2020: 272
2021: 456
First Quarter 2022: 207
Permits Issued for Projects valued at over $100K+ 2019: 108
2020: 306
2021: 486
First quarter 2022: 86


  • Ynez Road (from Rancho Vista to Santiago) – Slurry/Paving – Will be complete mid-August 2022 (in process; also restriping for two lanes northbound)
    Slurry/Paving August/September through November:
  • Areas in Meadowview
  • Paloma Del Sol
  • Paseo Del Sol
  • Community between Rancho California Road and Rancho Vista (west of Meadows Parkway)
  • 1-15 French Valley Parkway …. Breaking ground in December. (adds two lanes northbound 1-15 from Winchester to 215)
  • We’ll be landscaping the Temecula Parkway Interchange and will eventually accommodate a beautiful display of Native American public art once approved by the Pechanga Tribe.
  • Working on extending Overland bridge to Diaz Road.


  • Just added a 4th Pump Track (2 were added in 2022)
  • Just opened the Old Town Creek Walk … which is a segment of the “Temecula Loop”
  • Community Rec Center at Ronald Reagan Sports Park. This will be a complete renovation. It includes an expansion and reconfiguration of teen center; conversion of office space to accommodate a dedicated police substation; renovation of key components throughout the building. In design.
  • Also at Ronald Reagan Sports Park – New bathrooms and concession stand nearing completion. Demolished old building which is now being replaced.
  • Also at Ronald Reagan Sports Park – We are also rebuilding our in-line Hockey Rink and Skate Park.
  • Margarita Recreation Center Under construction and anticipating grand opening in Summer 2023.


  • Cork Fire Kitchen at Temecula Creek Inn: 2021 “Award of Excellence” by Wine Spectator Magazine.
  • Temecula’s Bushfire Kitchen named one of “2022’s America’s Hottest Startup Fast Casuals”
  • Old Town’s Be Good restaurant was just featured in Forbes.
  • Some restaurants /coffee places have opened in the City from July 21-July 22.

Tacos and Beer
Landeros Mexican Grill Crumbl Cookies
Dos Hermanos Artisans Adelaide’s
Margaritas Cocina ‘and Cantina Bastards American Canteen East Coffee (2 new locations)

Kung Fu Tea
Angry Chickz
Wing Stop (add’I Location) Nana’s Tamales
Avery Tea
The Sushi Sushi
My Happy Plate
Rival Coffee
The Local Provisions Cotijas Taco Shop
The Coffee Shop
Cookie Plug

  • New places to eat soon (in process of opening):
    • Benihanas (at old Soup Plantation),
    • Long Horn Steak House (at old Marie Callendars and under construction now)
    • Silverlake Ramen and
    • Better Buzz will open in September (on Temecula Pkwy)


Edwards Theater — check out the 4DX. Your movie seats move, weather effects like lightning, rain and wind. It’s an EXPERIENCE (competing with home movies like Netflix, etc.)

Large Private Projects Submitted to Planning:

  • 475,000 square feet -Large Luxury Hotel – Temecula Resort & Spa. Proposed on east side of Front Street between 1st and 2nd Street. Under review.
  • 500,000 Square foot- Higher end complex of apartments on Jefferson. Originally was going to be hotel units; now it appears rentals only. Under review.
  • New 18,000 Square foot building in Old Town. To left of Palomar Hotel. Under review.
  • Citywide 153,000 total of new industrial space is in the planning pipeline.


  • With all the visitor, attractions, and events Temecula has to offer. .. SUCH AS Rod Run, the Balloon and Wine Festival, a regional mall, the casino, Old Town, numerous hotels, and 3.5 million visitors each year as a destination City … we are the 16th Safest City in the Nation! This is achieved through intentional budgeting to provide high staffing levels in the police department to blanket the city at all times.
  • Of the City’s $103 Million Budget, 57% is spent on Public Safety. Our highest priority.
  • Even though our population is slightly down (2.4%), we are adding more public safety in 2022 as follows:
    • hiring 5 new sworn officers
    • hiring 1 new Community Services Officer
    • Purchasing two new police motorcycles.
    • This equates to 5 additional Patrol Hours per day.
    • This staffing level surpasses our goal of 1 officer per 1000 residents.


  • On the fire-side of the house:
    • We are well staffed with 4-fire fighters per engine, including two trained paramedics.
    • 2022: Purchasing 2 new medic squad trucks for emergency responses.


  • The majority of the City’s budget is generated by Sales Tax.
  • Temecula ranks in the TOP 13% of retail sales generators in the State.
  • This Fiscal Year, which started July 1st, we anticipate over $84 Million (Both Measure S and General sales tax) to be generated.
  • And, what’s important here is that nearly HALF of this amount is estimated to come from VISITORS who do NOT live in Temecula. So, thank you to our tourism industry / visitors for about $42Million Dollars which we reinvest in public safety and infrastructure.
  • Visitors. Each year we welcome approximately 3.5 million NONLOCAL visitors. These are visitors who travel over 50 miles to Temecula. This number was down to 2.3 million due to COVID in 2021 but we expect it to rise to the normal 3.5 Million in 2022.
  • $103 Million annual operating budget and we set aside 25% for emergency reserves. The City remains fiscally strong and a great place for residents and businesses to invest.


  • Draft Update to our Quality of Life Master Plan will be presented to each of the Commissions this month. These are open public meetings you may attend.
  • Draft will also be placed online for a few weeks for public input/review as well.
  • Check out for details.

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