MLS Area # FAQ

What will happen to my saved searches and auto-email’s that are currently using area numbers that are being eliminated?

If you currently have a saved search or auto-email that is using area numbers that are within the SRCAR jurisdiction, you will need to go in and modify the search to use the Map Search feature. If you take no action, the auto-email and saved search will no longer feed new results to you and your client. Below is a graphic that demonstrates how do accomplish this.

Map Search Example Animated Gif

How do I search for a specific area now that area numbers are being eliminated?

To search in a specific area that was once defined by an area number, please use the Map Search feature and outline the desired area that you wish to search.

Will CRMLS train us using the map search function?

Yes, CRMLS no longer teaches members how to search by Area number as area numbers are becoming outdated like the Thomas Guide Map. CRMLS trainers come to our Association twice a month to train. They are in our Murrieta Office the 3rd Thursday every month at 10:00 a.m. and in our Hemet office every month on the 3rd Wednesday at 10:00 am. CRMLS’s training classes are free to attend and they will train you on Map Searching.

Are all Associations eliminating area numbers?

The answer is that every Association is different. Most Associations use the cities as their Area name and # in the MLS. Area Numbers at this point are so diverse. There is not one map that has identical lines to use as a definitive map guideline. Our areas have grown and changed so much in the past few years. It is up to each individual Association and their Leadership to decide what is best for their members.

Will my listings still receive the proper exposure if we do not have area numbers?

CRMLS is training every member to search by city, and to use the mapping system that is in place to assure you the proper exposure that your seller deserves when listing a home and submitting it into the MLS system. Your listing will syndicate to every Association that is under CRMLS’s umbrella as well as the Associations that are participating in the Data share. The removal of area numbers will not hinder the sale of the home by any means.

If you have any other questions, please contact us by calling (951)894-2571 or by email at [email protected].

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